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“What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything.”
― Laurence Sterne




This is a driving force in my life. It has taken me from Indianapolis to Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Slovakia and Chicago. It has also influenced my background as a designer. This is a story about varied interests always united by a consistent and singular driving influence.


It’s easy for me to know how I got to where I am in the design world based on a special project I worked on as a design student. At that time, I became interested in the work of Marshall McLuhan (Understanding Media and The Medium is the Massage) and Alvin Toffler (Future Shock). Since my BFA depended on my completing course work in photography, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, painting and computer design, I created a gallery show and wrote a paper on dealing with the same message across different media. I didn’t realize that something like that would carry me for the next decade and beyond and become the unifying element to all the work I did in my career.

Integrated Design

As my career has developed, I have become an integrated designer with a portfolio of work bridging the worlds of digital and print design. My goal is to create messages in any medium that make sense and foster positive user experiences, always with the goal of making brands more robust at each touchpoint.

I enjoy both digital and print design, especially when they work in tandem across different media. I like print for its tactile qualities and its power to direct a brand. I like designing for applications and websites because they provide a constant challenge to broaden my knowledge and to innovate. There is always a new adventure around the next corner. It provides a reach through online and social media that amazes and inspires me. My broad interests and experience have positioned me well to understand brands as a whole and to be able to not only execute within established brands, but to develop them myself.

Holistic Interests

I work with a development company that uses agile methodology for everything they do. It allows for us to test minimally viable products and make adjustments as we get feedback from users. It also allows for them to find new ways to tweak and improve the ways they develop applications and websites. This methodology makes it necessary to understand the entire site, brand and functionality, not just portions of the site or app to make the designs function well and the look cohesive.

I have a curiosity and an integrity of mind that makes this type of holistic understanding important to me. It's not enough to just make something pretty or even cohesive. My need to gain background knowledge might take a little longer up front. However, in the long run, the work is well worth it.

Diana Groth Design

I founded Diana Groth Design in 1997. In 2013 I decided to pursue the business full time. Having chosen to go down this road is indicative of my skill and comfort level in management. I've always considered design and management to be inseparable. How can you design anything without a full understanding of the budget and the timeline? I've always felt that, logically, my right and left brain need to work together to create design solutions.

I have built a network of partners and clients. I have hired art directors, developers, presentation specialists and sales people to help me handle the workload. I took on the challenge of being the boss because I was told continually that I didn't have the managerial experience I needed. So, in frustration, I went out and took it for myself. I'm ready to help you build your team, your brand and your company.

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