Diana Groth Krasnansky
Diana Groth Design
Capezio Advertising

DETAILS: This is one of the most sucessful ads I produced for Capezio. I scouted the location, directed the photography and designed the layout.

Capezio Toggle

DETAILS: This is an example of a product ad. It's direct and to the point. I fought to reduce the descriptive text and specifically aimed the list of attributes at the logo to guide the viewer's eye to what is really important: the brand.

Housewarming Flash Invitation

DETAILS: I created this for a housewarming/painting party we had when we moved into our apartment in Rogers Park in Chicago. It was a good time, but the greatest measure of its succcess is that it inspired my brother who lives in Florida to hop on a plane and come help us paint for the weekend. Powerfully successful invitation. Click the image to view the animation.

Workforce Newsletters

DETAILS: This is a series of very sucessful email newsletters that I redesigned for Workforce. While taking into consideration many, many stakeholders, I refreshed the design, developed the initial html version, shepherded the project through the process of being templated and merged into the website's content management system and maintained quality control.

Workforce Game Changers

DETAILS: This is the magazine ad for an integrated marketing campaign that I headed up for Workforce Game Changers. The program involved ads, banner ads, a microsite, and emails, all of which I designed and most of which I implemented. The microsite was developed from my front end design and guidance by an outside development team.

Workforce's 90th Anniversary

DETAILS: The Workforce 90th Anniversary was a massive undertaking. Here you see the magazine ad I created, but the program involved banner ads, a special 90th Anniversary issue of Workforce Management and a totally new section of workforce.com was developed to house special content and sponsor a Modern Healthcare-inspired Bracket Challenge. I was the team's design and technical support for the development of the program. The Bracket Challenge was developed externally and the bulk of the site was developed by Crain Internet Services to our specifications.


DETAILS: WorkforceLive! is the first series of live events sponsored by Workforce and implemented by MediaTec Publishing. This ad is part of an integrated campaign for which I created the initial design. It included ads, emails, postcards, a sales kit and a microsite.

Workforce Work-More

This is one of the layouts I art directed for Workforce. The idea was to show an employee doing the work of employees who were no longer wih the company because of downsizing. I wanted a muted color palette to show the low spirits of the employees left behind and forced to produce or be replaced. Photography by Emil Sinanagic.

Workforce Lost In Translation

This is an example of one of the layouts I created for Workforce in 2013.

Goldman Batman

This is an example of one of the layouts I created for Goldman in Slovakia in 2005.

Goldman Sin City

This is an example of one of the layouts I created for Goldman in Slovakia in 2005.

Capezio Skatwear Catalog

DETAILS: This is a unique take on a catalog as CD linernotes. It's an example of how cutting the budget forced me to be more creative. This was a huge hit. It has an accompanying mini CD with the entire line of skatewear for the retailers to use for their ads and catalogs, which solved an administrative nightmare of dealing with calls from retailers with requests for images. I also provided the sales team with a video for their team meeting that explained the catalog and mini CD and how it was supposed to work. I art directed all photos as well as designed the layouts. Photography by Steve Vaccariello and product shots by Henry Jesionka.


DETAILS: This is part of an integrated marketing campaign for a phone service for older adults. InfoPlus needed an email and print campaign to promote this service to call for help with questions. This integrated approach provided people with the guidance they needed to get in touch with InfoPlus whether they were online already or not.

Mather Place of Wilmette Event Postcards

DETAILS: These postcards are examples of what I designed to promote programming for Mather Place of Wilmette, one of the senior living communities I supported as part of the Mather LifeWays marketing team.

Emachines Sales Kit

DETAILS: This sales kit was a joint effort by my boss and me at eMachines. He created the folder and I created the tabbed sheets for easy customization.

aging in action newsletter

DETAILS: This is a redesign of the aging in action newsletter, which I managed and designed from 2007-2009. I've included the older version that existed before I got my hands on it. There wasn't a budget for new photography, but to this day, Mather LifeWays still uses these images.

Fragrance Candle Packaging

DETAILS: This is a concept for packaging for an in-house brand that you might find in a store like Target. The idea was to provide many openings by which the customer could smell the candle fragrance.

Creative Media Website Design

DETAILS: Creative Media apporoached me and several other designers to come up with a home page design for their site. The idea is that the text and images could switch sides of the vertical axis depending on the content.

Diana Groth Design Logo

DETAILS: A new logo for a new millennium. I designed this logo for myself when I moved to New York and used it though 2006 when I moved to Chicago.

eMachines Email

DETAILS: This is an email that I created for eMachines.

Food Icons

DETAILS: I created these for fun because that's the kind of nerd I am.

HSBC PowerPoint

DETAILS: I created this PowerPoint theme for HSBC as a freelance assignment and they chose this to go with their eco/growth theme.

Overs & Unders Packaging

DETAILS: This is part of the Overs&Unders brand of Meryl dancewear and underwear that I worked on as part of team that included the fashion desinger, the Vice President of Marketing and an agency. I art directed the photoshoot for the packaging and placed the images into the layout that the agency produced. I also coordianted all apects of making this process go smoothly. The constructions were developed by the in-house team.

Overs & Unders Ad

DETAILS: Capezio created the brand Overs & Unders after they had sold off the rights to use the name Capezio in retail stores. It allowed them to re-enter the retail market. This is one of four ad pages that were run consecutively in dance magazines. I art directed and the art and photography. Lois Greenfield shot this four page ad for the Capezio brand extension overs & unders. I created the ads and catalog for these undergarments. This photo is special because these dancers all jumped in unison and there were no alterations made to the photo. Photos by Lois Greenfield.

Overs & Unders Ad

DETAILS: On this page, we focused heavily on the product description. When we shot this item, we tried to make sure all of the details were revealed on the dark garment. Photos by Lois Greenfield.

Overs & Unders Ad

DETAILS: This ad references the style of the Capezio product ads. In this photo the interaction of the dancers and the way their fingers almost touch creates a magical moment. The O|U symbol is an abbreviation of the overs & unders logo. Photos by Lois Greenfield.

Overs & Unders Ad

DETAILS: One of the challenges of this ad was to communcate the different styles of underwear and incorporate the line art created for each piece by the fashion designers.

Panasonic Backlit Posters

DETAILS: This is a sample of one of a collection of backlit posters that were on display in Madison Square Garden for a year.

TRW Credit Union Annual Report

DETAILS: I worked on this piece from concept to completion. It began as a two color 8.5" x 11" templated design. I cut the budget in half and made the book tactile by incorporating the tabs with employee profiles. These were relevant because employees are what make the difference between a bank and a credit union.

Person Centered Care Essentials Brochure

DETAILS: This brochure is part of an integrated marketing campaign that I created for the Person-Centered Care Essentials Training Conference for Catholic clergy. As a campaign it won a Merit Award in the Mature Media Awards for 2008.

Person Centered Care Essentials Email

DETAILS: This email is part of an integrated marketing campaign that I created for the Person-Centered Care Essentials Training Conference for Catholic clergy. As a result of these e-mails, the program received approximately 50% of registrations online from a group of people over the age of 55. As a campaign it won a Merit Award in the Mature Media Awards for 2008.

Person Centered Care Essentials Website

DETAILS: This website is part of an integrated marketing campaign that I created for the Person-Centered Care Essentials Training Conference for Catholic clergy. As a campaign it won a Merit Award in the Mature Media Awards for 2008. It also generated 50% online registrations with a push from the email campaign, which was a huge shift for the program and proof that Catholic clergy, which is generally falls into the older adult category, is active online.